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Manifestation Workshop with Sips and Snacks

Manifestation Workshop with Sips and Snacks

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A 2 hour workshop on all things manifesting!

Learn what it means to manifest, how to manifest and leave with the skills to call in amazing things into your life! This will be an enlightening, fun, and motivating experience! Guests do not have to bring anything to the workshop other than an intention/area of focus they are hoping to manifest.
Here is what to expect in this 2 hour workshop:
-Learn what manifesting is and what it means!
-Learn how you can start manifesting on a daily basis
-Learn limiting beliefs you may hold around your manifestation and how to overcome them.
-An exercise on visualization, and why this is KEY for manifesting!
-Story time: Hear about two extraordinary things I have manifested within the last two years.
Exercise/Activity Portion:
Breathwork exercise - how to get back into your body so you can feel, rather than rely on your ego/thoughts
Write out what you are wanting to call in this year (i.e. can be object, person, item)
Let’s find the why behind the want - what will this thing you’re trying to manifest do for you?

Reading Portion:
I will pull a Surrender Card from my deck on what you need to release in order to bring this manifestation into your life! Each guest will leave having this short reading with myself.

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